Prep For Finals
Prep For Finals

Prep For Finals

Finals Prep

Finals weeks are rapidly on their way. Millions of students across the country will be preparing for the big finals week ahead. It can be a relief for students to get away from the usual high school classes, but on the other hand, they may worry that they haven’t studied long enough. How will you help your child prep for finals?

Here are a few ways to help your child prep for finals week.


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Put Your Life On Hold

Finals week is a time to put everything else on hold. This is the time to encourage your child not to meet up with friends or do after-school activities. Be careful not to schedule any events, chores, or family activities during this time. Put life on hold for two weeks, then when finals are done, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to normal.

Make sure to provide a quiet place where they can do their studies. Opt for a place that’s not near the TV, so there is less of a chance to slack off. The patio might be a nice place to relax but study.

Set a New Schedule

Maybe provide a large dry-erase board for your child so they can write down each day of the week, including the week before the finals. Then draw lines on the board, with study-specific tasks across the top. Here are some suggestions:


  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Review: Math Review, English Review
  • 5 Minute Break
  • Review HistoryHealthy Lunch
  • Walk Around the Block
  • Flashcards
  • Do Quizzes
  • Read Textbook
  • Healthy Dinner
  • Memorize Formulas
  • 1 Hour of TV

Set Up A Study Group

It’s important to stress that this is a study group, not a party group.  Friends can help each other work through the correct answers in their flashcards.

Eat Right

It’s important your child eat properly, so their body has the fuel it needs for the week ahead. Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, choose low-fat protein sources, and feed them more grains that are high in fiber. Instead of drinking pop or sugary juices, have them drink water instead. Cut down on carbs, sweets, and candies. Did you know that it really doesn’t take very long to boil some veggies on the stove or fry up some protein in a pan, when compared to the 10 or 12 minutes it can take to microwave a frozen meal?


Here are a few ideas for healthy meals and other ideas for finals week.

No Bake Protein Energy Balls From Modern Honey


No Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars by Haute Healthy Living


It’ll take extra effort but after final exams are done, you’ll all breathe a sigh of relief and know that you supported your child and you both did your best!

What are some of the things you and your child have found work the best? I would love for you to share. 

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