How To Find College Scholarships
How To Find College Scholarships

How To Find College Scholarships

t The Hunt For College Scholarships

 It’s time to celebrate that your child has graduated! But then comes the reality—university tuition costs have skyrocketed over the past decade. Even though you’ve faithfully contributed to their college fund, it can be heartbreaking to discover that you still don’t have enough.

Don’t panic! There may be scholarships or other funding options.

Are There Enough College Scholarships Available?

It may surprise you to learn about just how much money is available out there in the form of college scholarships. There are millions awarded annually and there is simply no reason why you shouldn’t strive to get a portion of it. If you don’t apply for them then other people will. Why should you continue to struggle with the cost of going to college when you don’t have to?


Things To Consider

Never Pay for Information on College Scholarships

Paying for information on college scholarships is an unnecessary expense that should be avoided. Unfortunately, there are individuals who prey on the desire for financial aid and make a profit from providing incomplete or misleading information. 

While the search for scholarships may require time and effort, the benefits will be invaluable. It is illogical to pay for information that should be readily available for free. Seek out reputable sources.

Numerous educational programs focusing on college scholarships are available through a variety of sources, including high schools and local colleges. These seminars provide valuable information that can aid in securing financial assistance for higher education. It is highly recommended that individuals attend these seminars to enhance their understanding of the available options.

Beware of falling prey to common ploys to lure individuals in with tactics that claim to possess exclusive access to contact information for additional college scholarships that are inaccessible to the general public. It is important to note, however, that these alleged “hidden” scholarships are, in fact, readily available and can be discovered through diligent research. 

It is important to keep in mind that not every scholarship application will be granted, so it is wise to cast a wide net and apply for a multitude of opportunities. 


  • The only exception to this may be to purchase a book that has a full listing of various college scholarships. However, you can also check out such books from the library. High school counselors often have them available too. You can also find all that same information online at no charge. 

While it may be a challenging and time-consuming task to gather all the necessary information investing effort, and committing to consistent weekly efforts will undoubtedly yield fruitful results.


Types of College Scholarships 

There is an abundance of opportunities to explore. Scholarships are available for any program of choice, even if some may appear more prevalent than others. 

It’s important not to let the lack of funding for scholarships in certain fields deter one’s ambitions. In fact, fewer applicants mean that there is a greater chance of securing these scholarships. This holds especially true for programs that are not widely publicized or pursued, making them a highly advantageous option for students seeking financial aid.

It is important to note that scholarships offered for lesser-known areas of study hold significant value to the respective entities. Such organizations take pride in extending support to these areas of interest, with the intent to foster growth and development. As limited interest may be observed in these fields, individuals with a genuine interest in pursuing them are highly sought after. The entities offering these scholarships are committed to ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder individuals from accessing education and training in their chosen fields. 

I was once subbing a class when a college representative came in to talk to the students about their college. The presenter encouraged the students to apply for lesser-known scholarships. She said one girl found a unique scholarship, but it was for coal miners’ children. This student was not a coal miner’s child but she decided to write about coal and the effects it would be being a child of a coal miner. She happened to be the only one that applied and was awarded all three scholarships equaling $10,000.

There are even scholarships out there for redhead green eyed teens and anything in between so search diligently.


It is worth acknowledging that some scholarships offer lower award amounts than others. However, it is essential to note that these seemingly meager sums can accumulate over time

 Where To Find College Scholarships

Several avenues are available to search for college scholarships, and applying for as many as possible increases your chances of receiving ample funds to finance your education. 

First thing apply for FAFSA 

One of the best sites is the FAFSA. This site offers a free application for Federal Student Aid. 

There are also other sites that offer helpful information. These include 

  • The College Board
  • US Department of State This website has plenty of information about special scholarships for students. There are specific ones for the children of people in service or for federal employees’ children. 
  • If you have already been admitted to a particular college, visit their financial aid office. These offices can guide you in identifying a range of college scholarships that you may be eligible for. 
  • The internet serves is a great source for college scholarships. 
  • Many employers provide college scholarships. Many professions extend these opportunities as a means of honoring loyal employees and their families. However, these scholarships are not widely publicized, necessitating direct inquiry with the human resources department or parental assistance in investigating further.

It is important not to be discouraged if initial research yields few results, as there are ample college scholarships available to students of all backgrounds and abilities. Even those without top grades may still qualify for scholarships related to athletics, ethnicity, or economic status. For instance, there are scholarships available specifically for first-generation college students. It is crucial to explore all available options, especially for those who fit into such categories.

When to start searching

 High school juniors and seniors should begin their search for scholarships as early as possible. Scheduling appointments with advisors and counselors can be a helpful way to stay informed of new scholarship opportunities. Parents should work with their students to ensure they understand the requirements and are able to complete the necessary applications. Keeping a comprehensive file of all available scholarships, application requirements, and deadlines facilitates an organized and efficient approach. It is recommended to allocate dedicated time each month to complete this critical task.

What To Expect

To ensure a smooth college scholarship application process, it is essential to be well-prepared. You will be asked to provide certain information with every application, some of which will be repetitive, while others will be unique to a particular scholarship. To ensure that you don’t overlook any valuable information, consider creating a detailed list of your accomplishments and activities that can easily be referenced for future applications. You can use our College and Scholarship Planner Spreadsheet to help you keep track of things.

The information required on a college scholarship application typically includes. 

  • Personal Details- such as your name, address, phone number, your educational background, including high school and previous college information and any military experience 
  • Unique Skills and Experiences- such as volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and any other relevant experiences. 
  • Personal Narrative-be sure to adhere to any specific guidelines, such as word count or formatting. 
  • 5 Letters of Reference-plan on gathering a minimum of five letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak for your character and work ethic. Letters should come from trusted sources such as family friends, teachers, or employers, and should be reproduced in sufficient numbers for all of your targeted scholarship opportunities.
  • Transcripts- transcripts may be required from high schools or other institutions you have attended, depending on the specifics of each scholarship application. Many of them now will simply ask you to have official transcripts sent to them if you are a finalist for a scholarship award. Others do want an unofficial copy though turned in with the college scholarship application so have such copies ready just in case.

By organizing this information beforehand, you will save time and minimize errors when filling out scholarship applications. Having a comprehensive list will help you complete applications without the need to search for relevant information. Being able to get several college scholarship applications done in a single afternoon will help you get the most out of the time you have committed to this process.


As one searches for college scholarships, one will uncover an abundance of opportunities that align with their unique qualifications. By homing in on one’s areas of strength, a wealth of compelling prospects will emerge. By exploring various avenues, one may be surprised to discover an unprecedented amount of financial support available for their educational endeavors. Such a proactive approach can eradicate the anxiety that commonly accompanies the transition to college life, as the assurance of funding for tuition and books can cultivate a sense of enthusiasm for the next chapter in one’s academic journey. 

***Have you already started looking for scholarships? We would love to hear if you have any tips and tricks for scholarship hunting

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