Themed Unique Getaway
Themed Unique Getaway

Themed Unique Getaway

Themed with an immersive unique experience getaway!

If you’re anything like us, you want to experience as much as possible on your next vacation. So, why would you choose to stay in just a regular house? People all over the country are creating one-of-a-kind experiences that allow you to really escape your world and get lost in another. We have created the ultimate list of themed unique getaways that will transport you into your favorite movie, childhood fantasy, or simply endless fun. We made sure to include a variety of locations, prices, and experiences for your next vacation. From mansions and castles to tiny homes and lofts, these stays are so unique and immersive, that you will never want to leave the property!


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Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway

Topanga Canyon, California

Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean

With every turn, make your way further and further into the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean. This stay sleeps two at $325 for one night or $212 per night if staying more than one night. This property will make you forget that you’re just outside of Los Angeles and transport you deep into the jungles of the Caribbean, waiting for Captain Jack Sparrow to wander down one of the trails. As you walk through the garden filled with waterfalls and wild jungle, you’ll see the colorful lights and tropical decorations.

Take a dip in the hot tub, detox in the sauna, or stretch out in the hammock. The pirate life has never been so relaxing! There are few places you can let your imagination run wild and begin to forget about the world outside of the jungle, and this is one of them. Whether you’ve watched the movies countless times, or are just looking for an extremely unique experience, you will definitely remember this vacation.


The Man Cave Getaway

Geneva, Florida

Theme: The Modern Man

Goat milking, car building, horseback riding, private bar, and moving airplanes: however you define manhood, this man cave has everything you could need, even for the ladies! Sleeping three guests for $161 per night, the “man cave” is tucked within the owner’s active airplane hangar and offers a truly unique experience. The garage surrounding your stay is fully functional and the team can be spotted working on classic cars, farm equipment, and other machinery, to encourage all kinds of manly activity.

If you’re at all worried about toxic masculinity, there’s no need for concern. The owner explains the inspiration of this stay as a way to express his art form. From repurposing classic items to finding unique ways to create extreme relaxation, Dan and his wife Deborah have done a wonderful job at building the modern Man Cave.


Disney Castle Getaway

Kissimmee, Florida

Theme: All things Disney!

Have you ever wanted to live out your Disney prince/ss fantasy? Are you ready for your magical stay in your very own castle? Look no further. This Disney Castle just outside of Orlando, Florida sleeps 16 for $2,799 per night and oozes both childhood imagination and luxury. Whether you just want to be one of the princesses, want to sleep in one of the Hogwarts dorm rooms, or are ready to be one of the Avengers, the eight bedrooms, all with different themes, will not disappoint. Swim with Ariel in your private pool, play with the lost boys in your own indoor jungle, race through the galaxy in your Star Wars game room, and even brush your teeth in Mickey Mouse’s reflection. The possibilities within this stay are endless!

Of course, there is plenty of fun for the adults too: enjoy a private chef or play in your fully stocked, top-of-the-line kitchen, dive into the wet bar, or play some pool, air hockey, or ping-pong in the party room. Don’t forget about the wine cellar, private theater, and karaoke tower! The adults can also choose from beautiful private rooms and leave the themed bunk beds for the kids. You will also have access to the private gym, sauna, basketball court, and outdoor fire pit.

Make sure you keep your eyes out for the hidden rooms, secret entries, and the Disney “Easter eggs’ strategically placed throughout the castle!


The Grand Tiki Suite Getaway

Key West, Florida

Theme: Tiki on the Ocean

This houseboat provides a much grander experience than the average boat life stay on Airbnb. The Floating Tiki Suite is a unique glamping experience right in the middle of the waters off of Key West, Florida. You can sleep on the water, under the stars or in the hammock and still enjoy modern comforts. This stay sleeps two for $786 per night and comes with a water shuttle that stops at your Airbnb five times a day, though there are several other water taxi services you can choose from. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, you may never want to leave your floating paradise.

The theme of this stay is definitely Tiki but is also relaxation. Every corner of the Tiki Suite screams tropical vacation and provides you with everything you could need. From stand-up paddleboards and snorkel gear to a flat-screen TV, king-sized bed, and your own kitchenette. Swim right off the boat and just wait for the dolphins to pass by. The wide-open doors on three sides of the structure make you feel like you yourself are floating on the ocean.


The Hobbit House 

Orondo, Washington

Theme: The Shire

Rolling hills, mountain views, and endless circular doorways and archways prepare to step into your own Hobbit House. This underground hygge sits on six acres and sleeps two guests for $336 per night. Make sure to duck as you enter the wide-swinging front door as it was created in honor of the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. Explore the magical pathways winding underground as you weave from room to room and discover each charming corner. This hidden getaway is tucked into the Columbia River Gorge and hosts incredible views of the green fields.

Play a game on the handmade chessboard cut into the trunk of a tree, jot down your thoughts on the tiny writing desk or hike through the several trails on the property. You definitely won’t want to leave the Shire on your next vacation.

If you visit during winter, make sure you have four-wheel drive and plenty of warm clothes! It’s absolutely worth the trip but it’s best to be prepared.


Airstream in the Clouds Getaway

Malibu, California

Theme: Vacation in the Sky

Are you ready for your vacation in the sky? This airstream sits above the clouds, is filled with all kinds of fluffy pillows, and makes you feel as if you are floating. The 1954 airstream sleeps two for $1,014 per night and is just outside of Malibu, California. This tiny home not only has an all-inclusive, wide-open floor plan, but it also has three large glass panels that slide open to combine your living space with the pristine surrounding deck. No matter where you decide to relax during this stay, the open skies and valley below will make you feel weightless.

Hike surrounding trails, make your way down to one of Malibu’s beaches, or just wait for the breathtaking sunset. Then cozy up for the bright stars and the Milky Way! But make sure you wake up early one morning for the fog-filled sunrise. There really is nothing like watching the sun illuminate the clouds below you while sipping on your morning coffee.

Check the weather before you book your stay, as the hosts will cancel your booking if rain is predicted since the roads become too dangerous and slippery to be considered safe.


Twelve Parsecs Getaway

Champions Gate, Florida

Theme: Star Wars

You may need to cancel all your plans in Florida for this stay. Twelve Parsecs will not only amaze you, but it will also leave you wanting to explore every room, corner, and hidden gem, so you may not want to leave the property at all! Sleeping twelve for $595 per night, this nine-bedroom home has the galaxy far, far away written all over it. Both the adults and the kids will have a hard time picking which room they want to stay in, as each bedroom recreates certain scenes and planets from the Star Wars Universe. The bathrooms are even themed!

The house is filled with endless fun activities that all stay true to the Star Wars theme. If you’ve ever wanted to play pool in outer space, then this stay needs to be on your bucket list. Plus, once you’re done exploring, you can relax and sit back in the heated swimming pool in the back. Or, if you do want to venture outside of the property, Galaxy’s Edge is just a fifteen-minute drive away.


Heward’s Converted Sheep Wagon Getaway

Shirley Basin, Wyoming

Theme: Time Travel to the Wild West

Ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Make your way out to Shirley Basin, Wyoming for your private, restored 1920s Sheep Wagon! This unique tiny home sleeps four at $125 per night and is definitely a stay to remember. This unique stay was used on the host’s family ranch as a sheepherder’s camp from the 1920’s until the early 1970’s. It was converted for Airbnb back in 2013 and has been a favorite of those looking for an adventure ever since.

This stay will transport you back in time. Sitting on 65,000 acres in the middle of Wyoming, this Sheep Wagon has a full-sized bed with an option for an extension to accommodate four guests. Your hosts will set up your outdoor space prior to your arrival, providing your own wood-burning stove/oven, all your cooking utensils, and a table that seats four. Be prepared to experience the Wild West combined with modern comforts during this vacation.

You will definitely not need to leave the property throughout your stay, as your hosts will provide all activities and adventures you could possibly desire. Continue your journey through the past with lake and stream fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, ATV riding, and, of course, stargazing. Let the adventure begin!


The Houdini Estate Getaway

Los Angeles, California

Theme: Houdini

Houdini’s mansion sits on five acres and is possibly one of the weirdest properties you can find. This property reflects Houdini’s personality as well as extensive luxury. Sleeping ten guests for $1,750 per night (Monday-Thursday) or $3,000 per night (Friday-Sunday) , the mansion is only ten minutes from Beverly Hills and is often the scene of many weddings, music videos, etc. If you are currently thinking this is just another massive Hollywood mansion, think again. The mansion is filled with caves, hidden tunnels, winding gardens, and Houdini’s famous deep water tank. While the property is famous for Houdini himself, it also started as a scene for extravagant parties back when his wife hosted 500 magicians.

No matter the length of your stay, you will find yourself wandering down a new hall, through a new garden, or discovering a new corner of this property. If you want to relax throughout your holiday, you will have every comfort you could possibly desire, though we have a feeling you’ll spend the extent of your stay wandering throughout the property. Keep your eyes out for the hidden, giant waterfalls.


Creekside Hideaway Getaway

Clancy, Montana

Theme: The Hidden House

Pay close attention when you approach this property as you might miss it and drive right by! Blended into the grassy hills, this earth home’s theme is the escape into the hidden world. Not only does the house disappear into the nature around it, but the rooms themselves are also hidden as well! The hidden house can sleep twelve for $314 per night and is perfect for a group of friends or a family reunion. Tucked deep into the forest of the Elkhorn Mountains this earth home is filled with secret entranceways that open to beautiful halls and rooms. Step into the trunk of a tree that stands thirteen feet tall for your daily shower, or crawl into a nook to find your bed. You will feel cozy for your entire stay.

Be prepared to get lost yourself, as the outside world falls away from the further you get into the mountains of Montana. The surrounding forest has winding trails, beautiful scenery, and untouched woods. Make your way back to the earth home, if you can find it, and prepare a meal in the modern kitchen or curl up in the window cubbies with a book. One fun surprise is the bathroom during this stay is completely hidden. The host won’t tell you where it is, so be prepared for a search when you arrive!

The Great Escape Lakeside Mansion Getaway

Clermont, Florida

Theme: Games!

If you have ever wanted to live in a life-sized game, then you need to stay at the Great Escape Lakeside Mansion. This massive and very unique getaway house, or “mega home,” is filled with more games than you can even imagine. Their life-sized collection of games includes life-sized OPERATION, a giant LITE BRITE wall, human bowling, human foosball, a walkable life-sized chessboard, and a seven-foot walkable piano. The Great Escape Mansion can sleep forty-three people for $1,353 per night. Get ready to play, play, and play with all your friends and family!

The outdoor property of this stay is just as impressive as the endless games inside. The pool, lazy river, and hot tub come with two waterslides for both kids and adults, but the property also sits right on the lake itself. You will have your own private dock which comes stocked with two kayaks, a three-person canoe, and a five-person pedal boat. No matter where you are on this property, you will absolutely have some fun! Once you’re ready to relax a bit, help yourself to your own private movie theater, explore the arcade or the just-for-fun casino, pick out one of the dozens of board games or sit down for some video games.

The biggest event of your stay will most likely be the CLUE-inspired escape room built right into the property. The possibilities are endless and you will quickly learn that there isn’t enough time in the world to fully take advantage of everything this mansion has to offer. You may just need to come back!


Wizarding Home 

Universal, Orlando

Theme: Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans are going to love this unique getway! Just 10 miles away from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

This home has four themed rooms each representing a house and the master bedroom representing the Headmasters office. You will feel fully immersed in Harry Potter world as you eat at the big solid wood table under the flickering chandelier and floating candles.


Vintage 727 Plane Getaway

Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

Theme: Jet Plane Tree House

This unique getaway off of Costa Rica was once a 727 aircraft. Now it is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath home overlooking breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park. It kind of reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse except with a plane stuck in the middle.  It has been named by Travel and Leisure, HGTV, Strange Homes, and Animal Planet as “one of the most unique and fantastic experiences in the jungles of Costa Rica.”

There is much to do with it located off of Manuel Antonio National Park. Choose from waterfalls, ATVs, hiking, and ziplines. You will see an array of jungle animals such as monkeys, sloths, and 184 species of birds. Lot’s of things to do here for the nature lover.


Shady Dell Getaway

 Bisbee, Arizona

Theme: Vintage Trailers

Shady Dell is a vintage trailer court in Southern Arizona. No RV is needed. It’s a trailer court hotel with restored vintage trailers from the 1950s. Just call them up to book a vintage trailer stay and a step back into the 50s.  Bisbee is a small mining town with historical sites and ghost towns. It’s sure to make you feel like you stepped back in time.

Anniversary Inn Bed & Breakfast 

Located in Salt Lake and Logan, Utah


Boise, Idaho

Theme: Many

Anniversary Inn has several locations to create a unique getaway with many different types of themed rooms that vary in cost. All of them are sure to impress you. The rooms are like stepping into your own adventure.

Rooms titled:

  • The Wild West
  • Biker Roadhouse
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Jackson Hole
  • Rio Grande
  • Hawaiian Hideaway
  • Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
  • Jungle Safari
  • Mysteries of Egypt
  • Romeo and Juliet Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Treasure Island
  • Palace Suite
  • 007
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Pirates Paradise
  • Sultan’s Palace
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  • and so much more

These rooms are for adults only.


Private Island 

Clermont, Florida

Theme: Private Island

This 62 Acre private island estate getaway is great for a famt has outdoor pools, a basketball court, a soccer field, a mini-golf course, an indoor slide, rock climbing, a stage, a gym, and more that is all on 62 acres.

The rooms are themed from movies such as Harry Potter, Castily reunion. It hosts up to 45 guests. It is featured on GHTV’s America’s Most Outrageous Homes.

There is a wide range of activities to keep everyone happy. Iaway, Star Wars, Rocky, and Marvel. This place is sure to be a hit for everyone.


Reunion Resort Theme Estate Getaway

Orlando, Florida

Theme: Castle, Pirate, and more

Thinking of doing a family reunion at Disney World the Reunion Resort Theme Estate would be a great unique getaway to host it at.  It has 4 master bedrooms, a castle bedroom, a pirate bedroom, a hangout bedroom, a dino arcade, and a Moonlite drive in a drive-in-in-door movie theater. And Disney World is only 5.5 miles away. It is packed with amenities for all ages so once you leave Disney the fun continues. Be fully immersed in adventure from the moment the family awakes until they go to bed exhausted from the fun.


Grinch’s Cave

Boulder, Utah

Theme: Whoo-ville Grinch’s Christmas Cave

A Multilevel, carved-out cave features one main bedroom and a guest bedroom with two bathrooms. This is an actual remote cave so you will need to bring all your conveniences. It has a library and chess set and organ. If you’re a Dr. Seuss fan your sure to love this Grinch’s lair.


Have you found an ultimate getaway that transports you to another world? I would love to hear what other places are out there. Maybe one day I will make it to all of them. 🙂

Happy Adventures!

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