Back To School Tips
Back To School Tips

Back To School Tips

It’s that time! Back To School!

My kids are now grown and gone but tradition has been engrained and every year, about this time, I start thinking about my kids going back to school. I would get a wee bit excited and a wee bit sad. They grow up so fast!


When my kids were young I would start making notes about what they needed to have (and do) before school starts again. While it’s great to relax and have fun during summer vacation, I think it’s also important to help my kids get ready for their next year of school. I want them to return to school refreshed and proud! Ready to take on a new school year.


With multiple kids in the house, back-to-school time could be hectic. Each kid had their own list of back-to-school needs, and with so many stores having back-to-school sales, it was easy to get overwhelmed and disorganized while shopping for clothes and shoes. Without a solid plan, it would be easy to walk into a store, buy many more shirts than needed, and totally forget about other important items.


To make sure this didn’t happen with us, I created a Back-to-School Needs Worksheet that used every year since to get my kids and their back-to-school needs organized.

Before we do any back-to-school shopping, I would have them fill out the Needs Worksheet (or I fill it out with them). It was a great opportunity for us to go through their closets, weed out items that don’t fit anymore or no longer fit their personal style, and donate extra clothes to charity (or give hand-me-downs to their siblings). It was also a great opportunity for me to check through their wardrobes and discard any items that are too worn out to keep.


There is a section for undergarments, clothes, and accessories, including their school backpacks. I also had my kids check through their gym clothes and dress clothes in addition to their regular school day clothes. This way, I could shop for back-to-school, gym class, and Sunday outfits all in the same trip.


The Back to School Needs Worksheet is great because I could shop with or without my kids because

I have all of their sizes right in front of me.

In case I need it I also have their measurements to easily referral too.

I know exactly what each child needs.

And I included a notes section in case they wanted a particular color item or another special request.


I have used this printable for many years, and I just love how organized it makes back-to-school shopping. I highly recommend it for moms with kids of any age, especially moms that have multiple kids.


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How do you keep organized getting children ready to return to school?


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