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The Travel Planner Spreadsheet is a comprehensive tool designed to assist anyone in organizing and planning their vacation. Whether you struggle with budgeting, itinerary planning, or keeping track of important travel details, this spreadsheet has got you covered. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, it allows you to efficiently plan, organize, and record all aspects of your travel, ensuring a stress-free and well-organized vacation experience.


🌍 Destination Suggestions: Easily choose copy and add photos of places you would like to visit

💰 Budgeting Planner and Transaction Tabs: Keep track of your expenses and set a budget for your trip then track them in your Transaction Tab to keep you in budget.

📅 Itinerary planning: Plan your major and daily activities and sightseeing the itinerary tabs.

🏨 Accommodation management: Keep track of your hotel bookings and manage your reservations.

✈️ Flight tracking: Monitor flight prices to get the best deals.

🚗 Transportation management: Organize your transportation options, including car rentals and public transportation.

🍽️ Restaurant recommendations: Discover local restaurants and save your favorite dining spots.

🧳Packing List: A place to input the items you need to bring, quantity and any notes or reminders.

✅To Do List: Keep track of tasks or errands you need to complete before or during your trip. This can include things like booking, getting travel insurance or anything necessary. Prioritize tasks and check them off as you complete them.

📸 Memories tracker: Record and store photos and notes from your trip to cherish the memories.


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