Princess Potions DIY Spell Kit

Princess Potions DIY Spell Kit


Princess Potions DIY Kit

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Immerse yourself in the magic of classic fairy tales and explore their enchantments with our fun DIY Princess Potions DIY Kit. Create your own unique potions and spells with this captivating collection that brings the mystique of folklore and the power of magic right to your fingertips. Transform your everyday life into a fairy tale adventure with this enchanting kit that includes everything you need to create your very own potions and spells.


Magical Ingredient Ideas: Our kit includes a delightful assortment of ideas for ingredients to craft your potions.

Some imaginative ideas for ingredients include:

  • Dragon’s Breath Elixir
  • Enchanted Rose Petals
  • Unicorn Tears
  • Pixie Dust
  • Fairy Wing Powder
  • Mermaid Scales
  • Wishing Star Crystals
  • Golden Goose Feathers


  • Potion Labels: Discover two pages of intricately designed potion labels that add an authentic touch to your creations. We’ve also included a page of blank potion labels, so you can personalize your potions to match your magical intent.


  • Ingredient Labels: Keep your ingredients organized with two pages of ingredient labels featuring whimsical designs. A page of blank ingredient labels allows you to customize your collection.


  • Potion Kit Label: Showcase your enchanting creations with a beautifully designed Potion Kit label that adds a touch of elegance to your kit.


  • Magical Fairy Tale Spell Book: Dive into the world of beloved fairy tales with our spell book, featuring 12 enchantments inspired by iconic stories:
    • Sleeping Beauty’s Dreamy Slumber
    • Snow White’s Mirror of Truth
    • Cinderella’s Midnight Transformation
    • Beauty and the Beast’s Enchanted Rose
    • Rumplestiltskin’s Golden Bargain
    • Little Mermaid’s Voice of the Sea
    • Frog Prince’s Transformation Elixir
    • 12 Dancing Princesses’ Secret Dance Elixir
    • Rapunzel’s Healing Locks
    • Snow Queen’s Icy Enchantment
    • Goose Girl’s Talking Feather
    • The Fisherman and His Wife




8.5 x 11


  1. After completing your purchase, you will receive a digital PDF
  2. Print out as many copies as you like.
  3. Use it for personal use only.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE!


NOTE: If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please email Karie at  hello@heytherebliss.com.



NO physical product. DIGITAL FILES ONLY

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Whether you’re an aspiring sorceress, a lover of fairy tales, or simply someone seeking a touch of magic in your world, the Princess Potions DIY Spell Kit is your gateway to a realm of enchantment. Embark on an extraordinary journey where spells and wishes are within reach, and your happily ever after awaits. Download today and start creating your own magical story!


  • A few ideas you may want to do with your kit:
    • Makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves fairy tales and dreams of adding a sprinkle of magic to their life.
    • Create a sensory kit
    • Use at a Halloween Party
    • Use at a Princess Birthday Party
    • Read the associated fairy tale and use the enchantments as an activity to bring the fairy tale to life


Disclaimer: This kit is intended for entertainment and novelty purposes only. Not intended for use in actual spellwork or magical practices.


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