College & Scholarship Planner Spreadsheet


College & Scholarship Planner Spreadsheet

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The college application process is a significant challenge, requiring considerable time and effort, often leading to stress and anxiety.

Regrettably, many students and parents miss critical deadlines or overlook essential steps, resulting in significant financial losses.

The College & Scholarship Planner Spreadsheet, presents a comprehensive platform, available in both Excel and Google sheets formats, that enables students to research colleges, scholarships, housing and organization for their essays and submissions. This offers a wealth of resources that ensure the timely submission of college applications and financial documents.

The College & Scholarship Planner Spreadsheet represents an ideal solution for anyone about to embark on the college application process. These tools are designed to support your academic and career goals with a professional and strategic approach.


  • To-Do List Tab: serves as a comprehensive checklist, containing the necessary tasks you must complete in preparation for college.
  • College Research Tab: you will conduct extensive research on your preferred institutions of higher learning.
  • Housing Tab: you can search for and record all viable housing options.
  • The scholarship Brainstorm Tab: is dedicated to exploring various scholarship opportunities in-depth.
  • My Scholarships Tab: is designated for keeping track of the scholarships you have applied for and their current status.
  • Experiences Tab: serves as a repository of all your involvement in community service, work experience, and honors. This section enables easy access to all your experiences that may prove crucial in the acquisition of individual scholarships.
  • Characteristics Tab: provides a platform for you to write short, compelling paragraphs that highlight your unique qualities.
  • Reflection Questions Tab: you will engage in brainstorming exercises to generate a range of questions typically posed by scholarship committees.
  • Personal Story Tab: you will craft a narrative that responds to particular prompts and highlights the unique experiences and characteristics that distinguish you as an applicant.
  • Graduation Plan Tab: offers a comprehensive framework for tracking your progress towards graduation, with a detailed checklist of specific requirements that guides your decision-making with respect to future classes and academic pursuits.



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