Planning with the Mom-on-the Go Planner from In the Leafy Treetops

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Planning In Style with the Mom-on-the-Go Planner from In the Leafy Treetops

If you’re anything like me, you’d be lost without your planner. I use it to keep track of everything: my to-do list, weekly menu, books I want to read, cleaning schedule, my kids’ schedules,  pretty much anything I don’t want to forget.  I remember adults (and kids) having planners while I was growing up, I don’t remember there ever being so much hype about planning in general. Some people are so into their planners these days that there are Pinterest boards about it, Facebook communities you can join (just search “planner obsessed” to find a few), and entire Instagram accounts dedicated to planning.

I was super excited when I found this planner. I juggle working two start-up businesses, scouting, children, and a large extended family that seems to always have something going on. In order for me to stay sane, I have to have a good organization system set up. I found this Mormon Mom Planner from In the Leafy Treetops and it has made my life run smooth and organized.

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In the Leafy Treetops offers a variety of types, from simple planners to ones geared specifically toward Mormon moms. You can choose from over 15 cover designs, so it’s easy to match a planner to your personal style.

I have now used In the Leafy Treetop planners for about three years. This year I got the Mormon Mom Planner which has a few additional pages than the Mom On The Go Planner. Super similar with the exception of a few spiritual quotes and a section for what we call Family Home Evening.

When I get a new planner I feel like a new person, a fresh start. I get so excited to start right away filling in information. I use this as a time for reflection and organizing my thoughts for a new year. The first few pages of the planner start with contacts, birthdays and anniversary matrix and this nice convenient informational page for any healthcare information. This list keeps track of family members and any medications they may be on, doctors numbers and other important handy information like accountants, handyman, auto insurance etc.

Next, there is no better way to start the year pondering and thinking about yearly goals and writing them down. I loved how this included the Stephen Coveys suggestions of having spiritual, physical, educational, and social goals. It also included a travel wish list and I love that it includes a spot for my Word of the Year. As you can see it doesn’t take much thinking for me to fill in my travel wish list. 🙂



A few of the Pages

  • contacts
  • birthdays and anniversary matrix
  • healthcare
  • medications
  • doctors numbers
  • handy information like accountants, handyman, auto insurance etc.
  • a budget and savings page each month
  • a general to-do list
  • places to travel
  • a goal-setting and tracking section
  • thank-you card tracker
  • home cleaning schedule
  • vacation planning (which includes a packing list)
  • family ideals and goals
  • kids school schedule
  • and so much more

The first of the month starts with an inspirational quote.

 I do a small brain dump every Sunday where I plan out my week’s schedule, menu coordinate with kids schedules, etc.

However, the Sunday prior to a new month, I do a major brain dump which takes me at least an hour to go over. At this time I set new goals, think about what my kids need from me, what I need for myself, if I am on track with my personal and business goals, plan menus, etc.

I also reflect on what my children need from me and how I can strengthen my relationship with them and I can record that on this  “Strengthen Relationships” page.

Then at the bottom of the weekly pages, I write my daily cleaning schedule you can see that here. and time mapping. I take usually less than 30min. a day but sometimes about 45min a day to do a quick job to keep my house orderly and feel like I deep cleaned it. My time mapping helps me so I don’t feel guilty about how I spend my time. I give myself permission that no matter what I know on Monday and Friday I do mom duties, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are business and Saturdays I leave open for home and family stuff.

There are empty spots at the top of each weekly pages which I use as reminders. I write one self-improvement word each week in the smallest box. This particular week I wanted to focus on showing more “gratitude.”

The box on the far upper left I use during family meetings that I hold with my family each week. I have them all set a goal that they want to be held accountable for at the end of the week for. The next family meeting we go over how they did and if they didn’t achieve it what happened and what they will do to make it happen the following week or set new goals.

“Remember This” box is part of my major brain dump and where I write quotes for the month. And then the last empty spot I write a reminder of what bills are due that week.

The column on the left I write to do’s for the week and there is a tracker for the goals you want to work on for that week as well.



At the back of each week is part of the Mormon planner which includes a Family Home Evening section. This is an activity Mormons do with their family weekly. Everyone usually takes a turn teaching a lesson of some sorts, have a treat, sing songs and spending time growing as a family. We also have a family council where we talk about what was good for each week and what we need to work on.

There is also a budget for the end of each month, and a spot for a book list, people to visit, pray for and call or write.

There is also empty checklists you can fill in. I usually use this to write my business to do lists when I do my big monthly brain dump.


Each month is a daily section where you could write chores, business appointments, etc. I use mine during my monthly brain dump to write a menu for the month.

Each month that has something significant in it there might be a special planning sheet such as:

Summer Time Plans

 Thanksgiving Plans

Christmas Gifts


There is a page for what I would say housekeeping but because I have my little chores weekly I don’t really use this section.


One of my favorite parts is at the end a place for each of my kids. What I plan to do for their birthday, clothing sizes, their wants and needs, favorite cereals, and special treats.  The 12 squares on the far right I plan my monthly date nights with each of them. I also write down each of their love languages cause sometimes I forget which one responds best to what. The love languages is what makes them feel loved such as, acts of service, quality time, touch etc. You can read more about this from Gary Chapmans book 5 love languages of children.  This is a must read for parents. I highly recommend it.


And of course what good is setting goals and what not without reviewing them. Here is a section dedicated to your “Year in Review.”

Well, that wraps up my planning sessions. I love the beginning of the month with a clean month to ponder about and organize. I might be a little freakish that way.

The aptly-named “Mom-on-the-Go Planner,” (which is similar to the “Mormon Mom Planner,” but is non-denominational) and would be great for moms of multiple kids, working moms or stay-at-home moms alike. It would be great for moms with new babies; it could be the perfect tool to combat “mommy brain” – you know, that fog that lingers over your brain for a while after having your baby (or maybe forever). It would benefit moms with toddlers, since there are so many distractions! It could be helpful for moms transitioning from working outside of the home to staying at home, or vice versa. I can definitely see this planner being a wonderful tool for moms with kids of all ages. In short, it’s the planner you’ve always known combined with the bullet journal you aspire to have. I just can’t rave enough about this planner.


To order your own planner go to In the Leafy Treetops

What do you think? How do you stay organized juggling all those daily mom skills?

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