Neighbor Gift Ideas

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Why would you want to give your neighbor a gift?

I was fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood where I knew most everybody. When I grew up and moved away I realized that is not the case in every neighborhood. I want that for my children so I was determined to make this kind of neighborhood wherever I moved. If you think about it the world needs this. The more we know the people around us and learn about them the more we understand, the safer our neighborhood can be and we can be united in keeping the neighborhood safe and a great place to be. Your neighbors are the closest to you in case of an emergency in your home so there are many reasons it is wise to build a good relationship with your neighbors.

I feel like I need to break out in the Sesame Street song to

Who are the People in your Neighborhood?


Exchanging gifts is a great way to help build rapport. Or at least a cordial relationship. As is helping one another, forgiving the careless words that might hurt and basically building an easy-going, give and take relationship with the people you see every day.

Back to the topic of Christmas gifts. What do you get for your neighbors?

It doesn’t have to be expensive one great idea is a simple plate of cookies. If you have the time, you can bake your own. If not, you can always buy delicious cookies beautifully packaged as Christmas gifts for anyone who is not on a diet. Also be aware of food allergies. Homemade Christmas cookies make cheap Christmas gifts that would be well received.

How about a box of Hot Cocoa with a tag that says “Wishing you a “WARM” and wonderful Christmas.


Sprite with a tag that says “May your Christmas be Merry and “Sprite.”

This year I am making Homemade Vanilla Extract for my neighbors. I wrote about how to do this and even included free printable labels. Vanilla is super easy to make. It’s 2 ingredients. Learn more about how to make your own vanilla extract and get your printable labels here.

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive but the thought and reaching out to your neighbors will bring so many return rewards.


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What do you get or do for your neighbors for Christmas?


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