My Amazing Experience with the Boston Go Card

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I recently spent some time in Boston and I knew before I left for my trip, that I was going to want to visit many of the popular attractions while I was there.  As I was doing some research about the prices for each place that I wanted to go, I realized that it was going to be quite the expensive adventure if I didn’t find a great deal beforehand.

Well, it was right after that, that I stumbled upon the Boston Go Card!  This little card is absolutely amazing, and it saved me quite a bit of money! There are a few different options available, but the all-inclusive one offers the best deal, especially if you want to see lots of attractions.

There are forty-two attractions on the all-inclusive Boston Go Card list and I purchased the three-day pass for $119.  The pass was valid for the day that I first used it plus the following two days, and while I could have printed the pass out, I chose to have it handy within the free Go City Card app on my phone.  This way I wouldn’t lose it with all the fun I was planning on having.

Here are the exciting places that I went to with the help of this fabulous little card:

Hop On Hop Off Bus

My Go Boston Card included a ticket for the Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus and it was valid for two days.  This was a lifesaver, as I could get off whenever I wanted to stop at an attraction and get back on right afterward.  I couldn’t tell you how many steps this saved me!!  Hey, Boston is a huge city!

Freedom Trail Walking Tour

As I just said, Boston is huge, and that was evident as I took the Freedom Trail Walking Tour.  However, I quickly found out that this tour didn’t cover the entire two-and-a-half-mile trail.  We only did a mile of it as we saw eleven of the sixteen sites.  It gave me an idea of what to expect on the rest of the trail though, and don’t worry, I did do the entire length before leaving the city!

USS Constitution Cruise

This cruise takes forty-five minutes to complete and it took me right up to the USS Constitution, which is also known as Old Ironsides.  I was able to tour the ship and the Naval Museum before climbing back onto the other boat for my ride back.  During my trip, I also saw the Bunker Hill Monument and the Boston Tea Party Boat.

Salem Witch Museum

This museum took me back to 1692 when the witch trials were held in Salem.  The museum is full of exhibits that include information about what a witch was, pagan midwifes, and the entire history of the infamous witch hunt.

Old State House

The Old State House has many historic rooms that are filled with artifacts and art, and I even had the opportunity to sit in the Royal Governor’s chair within the King’s Council Chamber!  Some of my favorite items within this attraction include the red velvet coat that was worn by John Hancock and tea from the Boston Tea Party.  As you enter the Old State House you are given a name of a historical figure and play a sort of game with the others in your tour. My very excited boy here was given John Hancock. Here he stands next to his real-life characters, real-life coat he wore. 🙂


The New England Aquarium

The aquarium has three floors and in the very middle of it is a massive aquarium that extends from the bottom floor to the top.  While looking at the aquarium on each floor was fun, it was really interesting when I reached the top and could look down into it.  I saw humongous turtles swimming around all the fish.  Of course, my fun started long before I entered the aquarium, as I spotted seals swimming around out in front.  Behind the aquarium, I was able to watch sea lions perform and I even got a glimpse of the newest baby sea lion, whose name is Ron.

Paul Revere House

Paul Revere left this very home on April 18, 1775, to ride through the night to share the news that the British were coming.  During my visit, I learned that Revere had sold the home in 1800 and it was renovated as it became a candy store, then a cigar factory, bank, and eventually a fruit and vegetable business.  Thankfully, his great-grandson bought the property in 1902 and the building was eventually restored back to the family home.  The house is small, but the history that I saw and heard about inside was amazing.

MIT Museum

I found so much to see and do within the MIT Museum and I could have easily spent an entire day there.  I wandered around as I looked at high-tech artifacts, kinetic sculptures, underwater robotics, holograms, and more.  There was so much to learn, and I felt that my brain was full of useful and mind-boggling information by the time I left.

Mary Baker Eddy Library and Mapparium

My favorite part of this space was the three-story stained glass Mapparium globe, which contains a 3D global map of the world.  This space is full of special effects as I stood there as lights illuminated, music played, and stories were told.  The library was a little more low-key with artifacts, letters, and other documents.

Concord Museum

American history comes to life inside the Concord Museum and I was amazed as I walked past American Revolution artifacts that included one of the lanterns that hung outside the Old North Church during Paul Revere’s infamous ride.  I spent quite a bit of time viewing the furniture, art, clocks, textiles, and more from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, but I was very impressed when I found the collection that focused on Henry D. Thoreau.

Louisa May Alcott House

I remember reading Little Women as I was growing up, so I was super excited to walk through and see the Louisa May Alcott House.  This house was built in 1690 and it has been preserved to look exactly like it did when the Alcotts lived there.  I could almost hear the characters of Little Women come to life as I saw where the family put on their little shows.

Buckman Tavern

The inside of the Buckman Tavern looks exactly as it did when the Lexington militiamen were there waiting for the British troops to arrive.  I noticed the bullet hole that was made by a British musket in the front door as soon as I arrived, and I quickly learned that John Buckman was the owner of this tavern on that fateful day.  His picture hangs on a wall inside the tavern today.

House of Seven Gables

This wooden mansion was constructed back in 1668, and while the inside is beautiful, my favorite part was climbing up the secret staircase.  A tour of the Nathaniel Hawthorne House was also included, and this is the home where the famous author was born.  I couldn’t leave without taking a stroll along the gardens, where I was able to look out towards the Salem Harbor.

Fenway Park

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Boston, but I know that if I hadn’t found the Boston Go Card, I wouldn’t have been able to experience all that I did.  If I were to see all these attractions without the Boston Go Card, I would’ve spent at least double what I ended up paying!

If you are planning a trip to Boston anytime soon, please get the Go Boston Card.  You won’t be disappointed, and you will have the trip of a lifetime!


But there’s more:

There is an option for Go Cards in many states. Just to  name a few, there  are:


  • Las Vegas
  • California
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Washington D.C.

The most recent and the one I can’t wait to go try out is Go Card CanCun

How does your family save money while traveling?


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  1. Pam | 16th Aug 18

    Wow – you certainly did a lot! Looks like a great day.

    • Karie Babbitt | 21st Aug 18

      We were running trying to fit everything in. That’s the great thing about teens is that we can run from spot to spot. I get excited thinking about going again it was fantastic!

  2. Pam | 16th Aug 18

    Thanks for the info about the Go card!! We visit many of those cities so it will help us a lot!

    • Karie Babbitt | 21st Aug 18

      I highly recommend it in any city. It really helps save money and time figuring out where to go. Enjoy upcoming adventures.

  3. Tonya Nicole Denmark | 16th Aug 18

    I did the Go Card when I was in Boston too. It was a great way to get around the city and see so many sites. My favorite was the Freedom Trail, by far!

    • Karie Babbitt | 21st Aug 18

      It is great especially when hauling a family it saves so much money.

  4. Tiffany | 17th Aug 18

    First of all, this Go Card sounds stinking AWESOME! I had no idea it existed (and in my own state as well!) Second, was John Hancock the tiniest man on the planet? And third, this all looks so so cool.

    My husband and I tried visiting Boston when we were dating many moons ago. And we drove right through it via the tunnels, ended up in another town, our car broke down, and my darling man came down with food poisoning. It wasn’t to be. I think, however, that we seriously need a do over! Thanks for all this great inspiration!

    • Karie Babbitt | 7th Sep 18

      Haha, yes there was some pretty cool information about John Hancock. If I remember right his wife thought he was cocky so she put a rooster on his gravestone and named their son after someone he accused her of sleeping with…or maybe she did. I don’t remember but it was pretty funny that she was fighting him even after death. lol. That’s too bad your broke down and got sick Boston is def. an awesome place to visit. I can’t wait to get back there because there is so much more to see. 🙂

  5. Nicolette | 17th Aug 18

    You really packed it in! We’ve also had success using city products such as this. It’s a great way to see the sights!

    • Karie Babbitt | 21st Aug 18

      It is a great way to save money with a family and I like that I already have an almost done for me itinerary.

  6. Janine | 18th Aug 18

    The freedom trail is one of the best ways to see Boston. I love it! The only fault is it doesn’t led you directly to Mike’s Pastrys….

    • Karie Babbitt | 21st Aug 18

      Haha, yes we had to fit that in when we walked to Bunker Hill. It wasn’t really close but I think I figured it was the closest to what we were looking for. Either way it was well worth the walk out of our way.

  7. Missy | 15th Nov 18

    This is the first time I am learning about the Go Card. It is a great idea and it is in other areas too. Love it. We save money by visiting a location for an extended period of time.

  8. Jen | 15th Nov 18

    Never heard of a go card. Good find! Thank you! I’ll check it out!

  9. Tricia | 15th Nov 18

    This is a really great tip! I love that you can use it for transportation and attractions. Uber adds up and parking is a nightmare in the city!

  10. Kristie | 15th Nov 18

    The Go Cards are such a great idea! I’m glad so many cities have them. It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Boston, probably 25 years. Time to go back!

  11. Dominique | 15th Nov 18

    I love the Go Card! It saves SO much money. Great article!

  12. Julie | 15th Nov 18

    Boston is one of my bucket list cities. Sounds like having this card would be a great deal. You sure got to do a lot in 3 days!!

  13. alison | 16th Nov 18

    I went to college in Boston and spent many years living there and loved reading this post as it took me back. I don;t think they had the card though when I was there, so now when I go back I will for sure get it.

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