Latter-Day Breakout: An LDS Escape the Room Experience

Latter-Day Breakout an LDS version of Escape the Room experience in a box. Rent it and set it up anwhere. Great for date night, youth groups, girls camps, etc Click To TweetLatter-Day Breakout: An LDS Escape the Room Experience

Escape rooms are quickly gaining popularity among people of all ages. It’s a type of physical adventure game where you and a group of your friends or family are locked in a room, and in order to escape, you must solve a series of puzzles. Escape rooms can have a variety of themes, from murder mysteries to spy adventures. There is typically a 60-minute time limit to solve the puzzles and escape.

Participating in an escape room (or “breakout”) experience can provide everyone with a break from their daily routine and be a great team-building activity. The game is fun, engaging, and encourages collaboration. It’s a great way to practice your problem-solving skills while bonding with friends, family, and co-workers.

As a member of the LDS faith, I was really excited to discover that there is now an LDS-themed escape room game that can be played in your own home or church. When you rent the Latter-day Breakout box, everything you need to play the game is included right in the box. All the plans and instructions are there, and it’s easy to set up wherever you want. The main idea is to create a “missionary apartment” with the tools in the kit, then use the clues and solve the puzzles to escape.

Here is our room set up. We had four rooms, four leaders helped set up and it took about 20 min per room plus about 10 min to read and get a grip on the directions.


It usually costs $20-$30 per person to participate in an escape room, but the Latter-day Breakout box costs considerably less per person. Since each rental costs only $25, it easily fits into the family and wards youth group budgets. If you are planning a special event for a large youth group, you could even rent multiple boxes and create a fun competition between smaller groups.

We got four kits and played with about forty-two people. We first met in the cultural hall where we divided off into two groups of eight and two groups of nine.  We explained the rules and the challenge to see which group could escape the quickest and sent them to their escape room. It is recommended no more than eight youth per box but because we had a few more youth we had nine in two groups. It was doable but it was definitely a different type of challenge than those that had the eight.

The clues in Latter-day Breakout are based on church history, scripture, and Mormon culture. Where the player may even encounter some clues that are based on the Young Women organization, which provides such wonderful guidance to the young women in our LDS community.  

Because the puzzles pose a mental challenge,  team-mates have to work together and apply their knowledge and experience. In my opinion, the greatest part of experiencing a Latter-day Breakout is that the experience is different every time. Because the game requires one to collaborate with others in the room, likely to learn new things about each other and gain a greater appreciation of each other, as well.

It also looked like our youth that was set up in the Primary Rooms and Relief Society Rooms were able to focus better than those that were in nursery rooms.  I believe the bigger rooms allowed the youth to move and spread their puzzles out more so they could concentrate better.  Our winners escaped with 1 min. to spare and two groups finished up shortly after.


The great thing is that Latter-day Breakout can be played by parents and their children as part of a Family Home Evening can be part of a youth group event, or could even be a fun date night with other couples. The clues are challenging enough for a group of adults, but are great for younger groups and mixed-age groups, as well.  It is reminiscent of adventure board games but is different than the typical game because you interact more and collaborate with each other and share knowledge. 

No matter who you play with, Latter-day Breakout will give you an opportunity to practice critical-thinking, attention to detail, and build relationships with your teammates. Overall, it’s a creative and exciting activity to do with your friends, family, girls camp, mutual, date night, or other members of the LDS community.

Sunday after our mutual activity the leaders reported that their youth thought the Break Out Game was the best activity this year they just couldn’t stop talking about the fun they had!


If you live in the Greater Phx area and would like to rent an escape room or construct your own Mormon themed breakout room for your youth activity inquiries can be sent to: or call Hannah at 1-520-460-6668.


Hurry Quick before they are all booked!


Or check out Latterday Breakout to see if there is one near you.

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  1. Kim | 17th May 18

    I love this idea. It sounds so fun! It looks like everyone had a great time. I live in a different State so I’ll have to search my area to see if I can find something similar. If I can’t find any then maybe I can email Hannah for ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Karie Babbitt | 1st Jun 18

      It was great fun! The kids said it was the best mutual this year. They have a few in other states. Here is a link for more info.

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