How to throw a budget friendly Halloween Neighborhood Block Party


We moved into our house in a new subdivision being built, 15 years ago.  Since it was new I figured nobody knew anybody so I came up with a brilliant idea of creating a neighborhood from the olden days. A neighborhood that was safe and everybody knew everybody. Where the kids would be playing ball games in the street and it was safe to be outside after dark without an adult. With a new subdivision, I had the power to help form it into an ideal place to live.

I looked into Neighborhood Block Watch Programs. I don’t know if these are in all states but in Arizona, this is a program within the cities that encourage getting to know your neighbors by having two parties a year. There is a required amount of people that need to attend to get credit for that block. Once those are done then the block is given a sign posted at both ends of the street that says “WARNING NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH we report all suspicious activity.”

Safety experts indicate that people who know their neighbors and are aware of their habits more readily report suspicious crimes in the neighborhood.

Community development specialists report that people who interact with their neighbors in a positive setting are more likely to keep their homes and properties clean and well-maintained, thus improving the overall value of a neighborhood.

Mental health experts believe that good relations with neighbors is a building block to healthy relationships in other aspects of life and contributes to a sense of self-worth and overall happiness.

With my new found information I decided to become the welcoming committee and start prepping for a party.

However, I did not just want it to be my exact street, my idea was the whole entire subdivision… our community, 196 houses. And since I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween I decided I would start a Halloween Party.


I started walking the streets and knocking on doors six months prior.

I introduced myself and told people my idea.

I found another neighbor that was passionate about it too and she jumped on board and started knocking doors as well.

We hit 196 homes and got the majority of people on board with our upcoming party.

We have 10 blocks in our subdivision so as we knocked on doors we told them our idea as well as that we were looking for 1 person from every block to be our contact and to help us plan the party so that each of their streets could get a block watch sign as well.


We found our 10 contact people and 3 months prior to Halloween we met together and I assigned each block a food and a game. The captain would then go back to their streets and deliver invites with a request for each family to bring a particular food item as well as someone from the street to help create a game/ booth and take turns manning that game/booth.  We set up posters on mailboxes and it became the talk of the community. They loved the sense of involvement and personal touch our neighborhood was creating.

We picked our designated street to have it on and closed up that street. We also asked the neighbors on our designated street if we could use their garbage cans, their carport or to set up a booth somewhere in their yard or front of the house. I then drew a map to tell each block where they would be setting up.

We also encouraged any local high school, dance troupes, theater groups or whoever in the neighborhood wants to set up a booth they are free to do so as long as they are not selling something. This event is a free event that the community has chipped in and thrown. It is not MY party it is OUR party.

We have had scout troops set up haunted houses, haunted buses, jr high theater do a fortune telling booth, cupcake walks, bingo, jump houses, dunk tanks, contests and all for free. Pulling all our resources together.  What a great way to bring a community together.



Our party was a hit and now after 15 years, it is super simple. We almost have a given set of who does what and how. It has gotten easier and easier. We have a set weekend of the 2 weeks prior to Halloween and always on the same street. Now the neighbors on this street just expect it so it’s just easier all the way around.

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on all things Halloween, budget party planning, organizer and mom!  So, I decided to share my knowledge in a free printable Halloween Planning Guide!

So, if you – or someone you know – has a Halloween Party coming up, I’d love to give you a bit of a helping hand by offering you this e-book on organizing your own party and the bonus content for free!

The E-book covers organizing ideas for a block party

  • Prepping
  • How to do Invites with sample poems
  • Decorating Ideas
  • Food Ideas
  • Entertainment
  • Prizes
  • Setup
  • Tips and Tricks for your own party

In my Bonus Guide, I give you my exact

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Assignment List
  • Sample Map
  • Blank Map with 20 houses on it
  • My 1st and 2nd invites I send out
  • My Donation Request Letter
  • Some Halloween Trivia Games- for a booth
  • Sample Game Instructions
  • Extra Ideas


Fill out the form below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox.

More Ideas for Block Party Fun

Old-fashioned baseball – draw a baseball diamond in the street with chalk, encourage everyone to wear a hat or shirt from their favorite team, play “Field of Dreams” on a sheet hung from the side of a house. Serve hot dogs and sing “Take me out to the ballgame.”

Set up a projector on the garage door in the front yard and play a seasonal movie. Have neighbors bring their own lawn chairs and have popcorn and hot chocolate.

Pirates of the “Your Neighborhood Name” – decorate tables with inexpensive gold dublooms, hang a pirate flag from basketball goals, flag poles or utility poles, encourage everyone to dress as a pirate which is a really inexpensive costume

Christmas in XX month you choose for the block party. Play holiday music, encourage neighbors to string Christmas lights, potluck food dishes should reflect the holiday theme, tables decorated with holiday decor. Door prizes wrapped in holiday paper.

The sky is really the limit and possibilities are as diverse as the people who live in your community. Have a little fun, think outside the box and get to know those who share your neighborhood and home.

If you lack any ideas check out my Halloween Pinterest boards. It’s one of my biggest boards full of tons of ideas.  Well, I actually have many family-friendly Halloween Boards like…Witches Parties,  CostumesHalloweenHalloween Prize Board, Halloween PhotoBooth Board.

Happy Haunting and Happy Planning!



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  1. Michelle | 10th Oct 18

    I absolutely love this! We have lived on our street for a year and I have been wanting to organize a neighborhood 4th of July block party.

  2. Mitzi | 10th Oct 18

    Wow! Sounds like and awesome block party! It’s so great when everyone works together, and I bet it has deterred any suspicious activity.

  3. Lauren | 10th Oct 18

    This is awesome! I used to love block parties as a kid, so I’m sure all the kids appreciate all your effort! This is a great way to inspire community and neighborhood fun! Good job!

  4. Pam | 11th Oct 18

    Love this! Sometimes all it takes is someone taking the initiative!

  5. Melissa | 11th Oct 18

    Fantastic ideas, very inspirational! I’d love to see some photos from your parties!

  6. Holly Bird | 11th Oct 18

    I live in Arizona, and this is a great ideal! I wish I lived in your neighborhood!

  7. Dennis | 11th Oct 18

    This sounds like such fun! We might just have to move onto your block!

  8. Kirsten | 12th Oct 18

    Neighborhood parties are so fun!!

  9. Mary | 12th Oct 18

    Sounds like a lot of family fun! Thanks for posting!

  10. Jennifer | 12th Oct 18

    This is such a great idea! I don’t think people knock on their neighbor’s doors enough anymore. And yes, we need to live in a community.

  11. Tonya Mickelson | 12th Oct 18

    Sounds like fun!

  12. Mom Life Optimized | 12th Oct 18

    How fun!!! So great to do something like this with your neighbors!

  13. Rosanna | 13th Oct 18

    This sounds like fun. Knowing your neighbors is great in a lot of ways. I love my caring neighborhood. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  14. Christa | 13th Oct 18

    A Halloween block party sounds like so much fun! It’s a great way to get to know neighbors, and I’m sure the kids love it. 15 years is a wealth of experience. You’re certainly an expert!

  15. Kathryn at QuestFor47 | 13th Oct 18

    That’s so awesome! One of my sister’s good friends hosts a big Halloween party that’s part of a major event in her neighborhood. It’s so cool!

  16. Monica | 13th Oct 18

    This is so neat. I would like to do this for our neighborhood and with all your experience you make it sound very easy.

    • Karie Babbitt | 15th Oct 18

      If you decide to do one and need any help or suggestions feel free to message me. I love the idea of helping other communities achieve this. It’s a great community to be a part of.

  17. Kathy | 14th Oct 18

    This idea is great! In the town where I live we have the Neighborhood Watch program and they also have block parties once or twice a year. It is very similar to yours. Thanks for sharing.

  18. T.M. Brown | 14th Oct 18

    Wow!!! That was an ambitious move you took years ago and it turned out to be a fantastic addition to your neighborhood! Kudos to you for developing something so unifying and fun!

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