Fun DIY Halloween Costumes
Fun DIY Halloween Costumes

Fun DIY Halloween Costumes


Get ready for the busy, fall, and spooky seasons. Did you fall behind and forget to make or get costumes? Check out these simple DIY Halloween costumes.


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10+ Ideas for Halloween Horse and Rider Costumes

10+ Ideas for Halloween Horse and Rider Costumes by The Gingerbread Pony

  • Have you ever needed a horse and rider costume idea? If your an equestrian your going to love visiting  The Gingerbread Pony it’s all about ponies. They have put together some great horse and rider-themed costume ideas from different movies. Just to name a few…
  • Star Wars (Yoda & Princess Leia)
  • Pirates
  • Superman
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Disney’s Finding Nemo (Nemo & Dory)



DIY Family Beetlejuice Costumes 

DIY Family BeetleJuice Costumes   by Homemade Heather


Heather at Homemade by Heather has made detailed step by step tutorials on how to bring an alltime classic to life with this Beetlejuice family costumes.



Beeker Muppet Costume Tutorial


Beeker Muppet Costume Tutorial by Homemade Heather

Who doesn’t love a cute little Beekder from the Muppetts? This super simple and cute costume won’t take long to make. Then pair it with a plaid t-shirt, tie, and a mint dress shirt. Be sure to check out Homemade Heathers Animal Muppet Costume too. These are great sibling costumes.



DIY Cocomelon Halloween Costume

DIY Cocomelon Halloween Costume by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Kids love to sing and dance with Cocomelon. Check out Savvy Mama Lifestyles step by step directions to put this costume together. Within a few hours you will have your own little Cocomelon live in your living room.

DIY Light Up Mickey Ears Tutorial & Templates

DIY Light Up Mickey Ears Tutorial & Templates by AB Crafty

Make your own DIY light up Mickey ears with this PDF tutorial and printable template. Follow along step by step with clear instructions and photographs.

50+ DIY Halloween Costumes

50+ DIY Halloween Costumes by Confessions of Parenting

Michele over at Confessions of parenting has rounded up 50+ DIY Halloween Costumes that are simple to throw together and adorable!

Easy No Sew DIY Gnome Costume

Easy No Sew DIY Gnome Costume by Ruffles & Rain Boots

This quick and easy no-sew gnome costume is a win for the money. Use felt, hot glue, and some craft store supplies to make this adorable costume in less than 30 min.


DIY Mermaid Costume with No Sew Option

DIY Mermaid Costume with no sew option by Ruffles & Rain Boots

Sarah Nenni-Daher not only made the adorabable easy no sew gnome costume as well as this Mermaid dress up costume you can make for $20 or less. It takes less than 3 hours to make and she also offers a no sew option.

23 Scary Cute Dog and Owner Halloween Costume Ideas

23 Scary Cute Dog & Owner Halloween Costume Ideas by XOXOBella

Bella rounded up some super cute dogs and owner costumes. I really enjoyed these. So many adorable options such as

  • Batman & Robin
  •  Beanie Babies
  • Monsters Inc
  • Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
  • UPS Delivery
  • 50s Pink Lady and T-Bird
  • Mario & Princess Daisy
  • Star Trek
  • & More

Head over to check them out!

Shower Pouf Costume DIY

Shower Pouf Costume DIY by Crafts by Amanda

With a pair of tights, tank top, matching tulle, elastic, and a piece of white rope you can create you can create this shower pouf. How easy is that?


DIY Box Robot DIY

DIY Box Robot Costume by Two Kids & A Coupon


Since the world orders from Amazon these next two Boxtumes (Costumes) make it super easy for any budget and time. Get creative with boxes and the craft supplies you may be having around your home. There are even competitions to show of your creativity with your boxtumes.  Test your creativity and show it off online. Use the hashtags #boxtumes, #amazonprime, #morethanabox.


Two Kids and a Coupon created a Box Robot and Moms and Crafters did a Shark Costume. How can you lose with Boxtumes…cheap and upcycled.


DIY Shark Costume-No Sew Upcycled Boxtume 

DIY Shark Costume No sew Upcycled Boxtume from Moms and Crafters



What are you going to be for Halloween? Please share in the comments below!



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