Five Reasons why you should encouraging your teen to “create” a job vs “get” a job

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  • Five Reasons why you should encouraging your teen to “create” a job vs “get” a job

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Five Reasons Why Teens should Create a Job Vs Get a Job

There are many reasons why a teenager should start earning money on their own. In general, most teenagers wish they could be more independent and earn their own income. Getting a job or creating a job can help them get there. It also teaches them responsibility and eases them into the real world of life easily instead of the hardcore adult thrown into life right after graduation.

My teens don’t get an allowance but I do teach them, provide them with chores as well as give them tips and advice on how to make money.

My teens don't get an allowance but I do teach them, provide them with chores as well as give them tips and advice on how to make money.Click To Tweet

My children know from the start that if they want to drive or do many extra fun activities they will need to the money for those things. They know they will need to provide their own insurance and gas. And they can choose to coordinate with me and drive my car or they need to save for their own vehicle. I believe that having them pay for their own has taught them to respect vehicles and watch their driving as it has an effect on them if they don’t. They also know that they need to earn money for their own entertainment and dates. These responsibilities have taught them to be frugal, responsible and hard working. Plus they have a sense of pride in what they own. I could go on about that but I will save that for another time.

Here is my youngest buying his first car. Can you see the pride he has? Even though the truck may not be much he loves it, because he made this happen!

While I love the idea of kids getting a job I don’t believe they necessarily need to “get” a job to make money. I really love seeing the creativity in these young kids and love to see them “create” a job instead. Here are a few reasons why:

#1: They can create their own hours.

One of the most annoying parts of working for someone else is that one has to fit it their schedule. Students might have homework or after-school activities they may not want to miss. After all, we don’t want them growing up missing out on their childhood. If they work for someone they usually have to work to that jobs scheduled hours. If they work for themselves, on the other hand, they can design their own work schedule, and take a day off as needed.

#2: Be their own boss.

This one’s a bit obvious, but if when they create a job, they don’t have to report to a boss. They are the boss! By being in charge of one’s own business, they get to make all of the decisions, and won’t have someone micro-managing everything they do.

#3: There’s no limit to how much one can earn.

Sometimes,  “getting” a job, your contracted wage (or salary) is decided by a company-wide salary scale. If the job pays minimum wage, it will be hard to negotiate for more money.  When one “creates” a job, they get to decide how much money someone pays. Of course, it might take a little bit of trial-and-error to price products or services right, but they will have more freedom than if someone else was making those decisions.

#4: They can earn money by doing something they enjoy.

I think most adults will tell you that they have worked a job, at some point in their lives, that they absolutely hated. Regardless of the reason behind the negative experience, most people will tell you that they wished (at the time) they could have done some other type of work. Your teen probably has skills or hobbies that they could use to earn money right now. And making money while doing something one loves is a dream job for everyone.

Lastly, and probably the most important reason…

#5: They will learn to be responsible.

By creating their own job, they can gain some financial independence and grow personally, as well. With more power comes more responsibility, and they might have to make some tough decisions, but working for oneself will help them grow and learn in the long run and what better place to do that than while they are young and in the home.

There are great options out there for teens to “create” their own job. All they need is to be directed in the right direction. With a little encouragement and guidance from you, they can be on their way to doing something they love while making money.


  • Learn to Edit Photos and post your job skills on Fiverr
  • Babysitting
  • Pet sit
  • Wash and detail cars
  • Lawn Care
  • Teach swimming lessons
  • Tutor younger kids
  • Go to Goodwill or garage sales and buy bikes to fix up and sale
  • Start a popcorn/snow cone booth and ask schools or local fairs to go to their events
  • Design a product and make and sale
  • Hang Christmas lights
  • Window washing
  • If they are musically inclined they could offer their services to play at date nights or marriage proposals or events
  • Design and build a photo booth and advertise for events


  • The public library usually offers free entrepreneur classes and access to learn almost anything on 
  • Take entrepreneurship classes at the high school
  • The SCORE office or small business office offers free mentors
  • You tube- You can learn almost any new skill on Youtube


Here are a few great easy read books to get them started

How to turn $100 into $1,000,000

Kid Millionaire

Success Stories


How about that! I think it’s incredible what anybody can do these days.

Do you expect your kids to get a job while they are still at home or in high school?

How would you feel if they wanted to start a business?

What ideas can you think of?

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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Teen Entrepreneurs
  • Five Reasons why you should encouraging your teen to “create” a job vs “get” a job

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