Agriscaping Design Consultation
Agriscaping Design Consultation

Agriscaping Design Consultation


A while back we took a tour of some gardens using Agriscaping.   A new thing called Agriscaping which is creating landscaping into a food-producing art piece.

Agriscaping is:

 Agri-Scape (Noun, Verb)


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Noun: a landscape that creatively and elegantly integrates elements of productive agriculture either by means of growing produce (edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs) or other useful plants to reduce useless consumption, landfill waste, and water usage.

To learn more about it check out click here. 

The tour was four different houses that have incorporated this way of agriscaping in their landscaping. Here are a few that we saw…keep in mind most of the plants are edible and some are even located in HOA’s with small yards.


This area is “Farm-acy”- it’s filled with medicinal agriscaping.  It looks so relaxing like one could meditate or do yoga. Plus smells that will help with allergies. Just going and grabbing a handful of one of the plants and rubbing them in the palm of the hand can give a scent to help decongest. Who wouldn’t want that? Look how beautiful, inviting and can make the body feel good physically and mentally.

Agriscaping- farm-acy

When we first took the tour we wanted to get involved but time crept up on us and now we are facing the Covid-19 and decided it would be a great time to get serious about that garden/ landscaping/ agriscaping.

Underground Trampoline Garden

Justin utilizes every ounce of space. Check out this underground garden that fits right under the tramp. How cool is that? That could be a child’s dream to have this hidden area underneath the trampoline filled with its own secret garden.

                Agriscaping under trampoline garden

Finally, we did the Consultation.  You can also get one here.

If you would like to be self-reliant and resourceful you can schedule a home visit with someone to help design your very own “Agriscaping.”

I finally set up a time to learn more about this new way of life. You can click here to schedule your own designer.


What’s Next?

Once I paid my consultation price. I received an email with two worksheets to fill out. One was a list of edible items to check that my family eats. The second worksheet was a rating of what I would like to see used and what type of spaces my family would utilize. Ex. being

  • Fire pit,
  • BBQ,
  • Green House,
  • Field Sports,
  • Fitness,
  • Meditation,
  • Play area,
  • Pet area …traditional & productive pets,
  • Water features,
  • And a dozen more ideas

Setting an appointment

Then we set an appointment. I am not sure if they usually come to the house and walk it with you or not. Because of the Covid-19 quarantine we set up a video appointment where we walked the grounds through a video chat.

Justin Rohner scheduled the call and was very thorough. We walked the front as well as the backyard. He was very detailed. He asked how many bathrooms, showers, and baths taken, how much laundry is done, and if we have an RO system. This was to help get an idea of what water could be recycled to use in our garden. This is great for the environment plus would help us save money on water and essentially we could have a garden that wouldn’t cost us any more in watering needs.

My agriscaping consultation experience didn’t end there

My experience didn’t have to end here though. There were several options that Justin’s team could help us with. We could

  • Take a course to help us learn how to implement our information
  • Or we could have partial help implementing
  • Or we could hire Justin’s team to do it all

I am so excited about our next steps. Now to decide!

Agriscaping results

What to do now?

What would you do?



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