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About Me:

*I have four kids.  My oldest boy is twenty-five and daughter twenty-two both have left the house. I have two teen boys eighteen and sixteen that are still at home.

*Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of my kiddos as grown-ups. I still see little faces and chubby hands yet at the same time, I respect them as a grown-up. I am learning that I am not needed as much and to just watch and wait for when they do need me. I feel the intense pressure to make more memories and cherish these next few years and embrace every moment before they too go out into the world. My blog will be my baby when they are gone. This is my transition into a new stage in life.

*I am married to Superman. He can create ANYTHING and is cheerful and supportive of doing any of my hair brain ideas. He is a handyman by trade, so we love to improve things together!

* I have a teaching and a cosmetologist degree, but in life, I am a dreamer, creator, and mother. The most important thing to me is my family and I CHOOSE to be a stay-at-home mom. Yes, even though my children are teens I find plenty to do. I love to create ways that help my family function better.

*I’m not fancy or serious. I love a good laugh. I love and accept everyone, yet I am reserved and standoffish until I get to know if you can tolerate my joking so I may seem like a snob. Please know that I am not a snob.

*I am NOT an in style fashionista. I have worn the same clothes ten clothes for ten years. I HATE to shop for clothes…someone please dress me!  It’s not that I am opposed to dressing in style but I like comfort and I don’t like to shop…unless it’s Home Depot or Costco.

*Yes, I LOVE to shop at Home Depot.  I love home projects and creating a house to be a home. I love my home to tell our story, to be clean, comfortable, peaceful, inspiring, and encouraging. I want it to feel functional and lived in, and a safe haven, a refuge from the storms of the outside world.  I believe that with a little work and love, anyone on ANY budget can make a house a home.  I have decorated my home with no budget. In twenty-six years of marriage, I have only bought three new items of furniture… my kitchen table, a couch, and a mattress.  I am ok with that and I think I have done a pretty good job creating my home just the way I want.

*I am a firm believer that sitting around the dinner table and eating as a family is uber important. As the kids get older this is hard, but we make it a goal to at least sit together three times a week.

*When I am not doing mom things I love to travel, plan travel and dream of traveling. One goal I have was to get my kids to all fifty states before they left my home. The heat is on as I only have one more child left that I might be able to make this happen. Getting at least one out of four kids to all fifty states is still a success. Right?

*I love to throw a good party. Creating an ambiance of fun and laughter so others can make memories warms my heart.

*I am the master at finding things to do for nothing. Living on one income you have to get pretty creative with money and activities to create memories. My grandpa used to tell me,

“It’s not how much money you make it’s what you do with it.”

I have to agree I have learned I can make $10 go further than the average Joe.


With this space I want to:

-share things I wish I would have done differently

-things I think I did right

-new things I learn as I am parenting teens and adult children

-my budgeting and how we live a full and enriching life on one, self-employed income

-travel success

-DIY projects


Hopefully, I have something to share that is worth being/KarieDawn.

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