Agriscaping Adventures Month 1
Agriscaping Adventures Month 1

Agriscaping Adventures Month 1

Let’s get our agriscaping adventures on

Here we are at the start of our Agriscaping adventures. We just completed month 1. This month has been incredibly busy with some pretty significant life-changing stresses so I didn’t complete everything I set out to.

Being in the program they recommend

  • 30 min/ week to go over the coursework
  • 30-45 min/ week live sessions with an Agriscaping specialist
  • 3+ hours/ week implementing what was learned that week
    • 15 min/day practicing in growing zones (5 days/week)
    • 2+ hours family project(typically a weekend project)

Once accepted I was sent a link to the Agriscaping Course work and shortly after a designer emailed me wanting me to submit a few things to get started on my design.



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I felt a little off-set because I personally have a hard time getting my thoughts across through email. I felt like it would have saved a lot of time to personally talk with my designer like I had talked when Matt came out and was giving ideas and brainstorming. However, the designer was nice and helpful. I submitted the following items

1. My family’s favorite things to do outdoors:

  • Sleep
  • Hammocking
  • Reading
  • Meditating
  • Watch Movies
  • Entertaining
  • BBQ
  • Talent Shows
  • (soon to be) Gardening

2. What are some things we really want in our yard- Homesteading Priorities

  • Pergola
  • Hammock
  • Shade Trees
  • Vines
  • Water Features
  • Pond
  • Jungle Ambiance
  • Humming Bird Feeder
  • Fire Pit
  • Stage
  • Movie Screen
  • Underground food storage area
  • Fairy Garden
  • Pharmecy
  • Wall art
  • Mossy Grassy stepping stones
  • Herb and Veggie Gardens
  • Composting
  • BBQ
  • Conversation Pieces
  • Meditation area
  • Reading area
  • Chicken/ rabbits

3. Video Walk Through

I made a video walking our yard and mentioning a few of the things that I would like in it. (Yes we let our yard get away from us. I hate watering right now since we are in such a drout hopefully I learn how to use water wisely in my new adventures.)

Front Yard Video


Back Yard Video


4. Before Pictures of the Front Yard

agriscaping agriscaping


Before Pictures of the Back Yard


5.  Measurements of Yard

I had already drawn up measurements of my yard so I submitted those hoping it would help the designer out.

agriscaping       agriscaping


6. Pinterest Board Inspirations



Beatrix Farrands American Landscape style.

After looking at my ideas the designer suggested that I favor Beatrix Farrands American Landscape style. That opened up a new world. Almost like when I figured out my personality type. I love so many things and not sure if that helps or hurts in all things. I did a quick research on Beatrix and feel like he was dead on my style. Super cool to finally pinpoint that. I haven’t watched the movie yet but it’s on my list.

7. I learned about: Intro to Agriscape

Homework: I picked my project area. Since I don’t have my plans back yet and I only have one space in my whole yard that I am sure of what I want in it I will start with my front courtyard area:



8. I learned about: Agriscaping Indoors

This modular I learned about sprouting seeds indoors. The homework was growing seeds so I am ordering this seed sprouter kit

9. Next I spent a little while doing the Electives- I learned about composting and ordered this composter

Next on my list will be to get a sub pod. It’s pretty expensive but our soil is really bad and so far with what I have learned it will be important to compost and have worms


And of course, I can’t forget to get some Worms

After those essential items, I want to look into this Lomi or something similar. It seems almost too good to be true.


Agriscaping Adventure Goals

I didn’t get quite what I wanted to be completed for this month but I feel like it’s a good start. My end goals by the time I finish this program are:

  • Have blueprint plans of my yard finished so that I can use these as a roadmap to complete my dream yard over the years
  • Learn how to harvest water
  • Have at least 1/3 of my yard done
  • Get my yard to have amazing soil that anything will grow in
  • Compost
  • Worm Farm
  • Learn the basics of planting, pruning and harvesting of all my future editable plants
  • Be part of an ongoing community of like-minded people.


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