13 Homemade Donuts
13 Homemade Donuts

13 Homemade Donuts

I used to love making donuts for church functions, work, school, and other special occasions. I used to make them so much that I even broke my grandmother’s Bosch bowl. This taught me that I would need to make sure when I got my own mixer it would need to be a metal bowl.  Throughout the years my kids growing up I continued to make this delicious treat on special days but I hadn’t even wrapped my mind around all the possibilities. I decided to round up a few fun ideas.


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#1. Air Fryer Donuts

By: Also the Crumbs Please

With this Air Fryer Donut recipe on your hands, you can make super soft, light, and fluffy donut rings and holes without deep frying. Prepare them the day before, let rise overnight and bake in the morning for breakfast or brunch. It’s like having your favorite Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts for breakfast without leaving home.

#2. Baked Chocolate Donuts

By: Beyond the Chicken Coop

Delicious baked chocolate donuts with a chocolate glaze are a perfect treat for breakfast or dessert. These baked pastries have a rich chocolate taste and a cake-like texture.

#3. Baked Pancake Doughnuts

 By: Any Reason Life

Double your breakfast delights with this baked pancake donut recipe. It is so good!

#4. Banana Maple Donut Holes


 By: Served From Scratch

Looking for a new way to use those overripe bananas? These Banana Maple Munchkins are fun to make, have a delightful touch of maple, and can be either coated with a maple glaze or rolled in cinnamon and sugar!

#5. Coconut Filled Hawaiian Malasadas

By: Hawaii Travel With Kids

Want to re-create a bit of Hawaii at home? Learn how to make Hawaiian malasadas, the super-popular Portuguese donuts from Hawaii.

#6. Eggless No Yeast Donuts

Eggless yeast donuts

By:Sugar Spice n Everything Nice

This deep-fried donut recipe comes egg-free, with a little crunch on the outside and soft on the inside.

#7. Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts

By: Caked by Katie

Fresh and fruity. Light and zingy. Fluffy and delicious. These baked lemon poppy seed donuts are all that and more. Naturally sweetened with honey, they are bright and full of lemon flavor. Topped with a honey lemon glaze, these dairy-free baked pastries are a fantastic healthy-ish sweet treat to share this spring.

#8. Peanut Butter Jelly Donuts

By: Chelsea’s Peach Tree

Baked Vegan Peanut Butter Jelly Donuts are such a great treat, and a fun twist on a classic childhood sandwich. Peanut Butter donuts with a grape jelly glaze topped with crunchy peanuts. These PB&J donuts are made with simple ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to make.

#9. Sourdough Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

By: Birch and Bailey

These ones are light and airy and made with a combination of sourdough starter and instant yeast. They are deep-fried to perfection and then dunked in the most amazing vanilla bean glaze.

#10. Sourdough Discard Doughnuts

By: Season and Thyme

Sourdough bread isn’t the only thing you can make with your sourdough starter! Try this simple Sourdough Discard  Recipe, they are light, fluffy, and oh so delicious. Sourdough Donuts are a wonderful treat and a great way to use starter discard.

#11. Strawberry Air Fryer Donut Hole

 By: Greta’s Day

Pastries such as these are a classic breakfast staple. Weekend morning donuts runs are a tradition, especially if you have kids. Making them yourself at home, not quite as much fun or as easy. This recipe solves that problem!

#12. Oreo Donuts

By: Chisel and Fork

With crushed Oreos in the batter and white chocolate glazed topped with more crushed Oreos, there isn’t much better than these.

#13. Unicorn Cake Mix Donuts

By: Well If She Can Do It

Make a box cake mix into something magically delicious, like these unicorn donuts!

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